With divorces on the rise in the United States, new trends are emerging. Indeed, entire online platforms have been created that cater to these divorcing couples. When you consider that roughly half of all couples in the nation divorce, it is clear that this is big business. The newest trend is something called a “divorce registry,” and various companies have already created online platforms to support this new trend. What exactly is a divorce registry, anyway?

How it Started

The trend began when people started creating Amazon wishlists for things they needed post-divorce. As many spouses find out the hard way, life after marriage can be difficult when property is split in a haphazard manner. For example, one spouse might be left without a set of pots and pans, while another spouse might be left without their toolbox. Spouses began creating wishlists on Amazon for these missing items, hoping that friends and families would help them out. Thus, the “divorce registry” was born.

Companies Create Online Platforms for Divorce Registries

The concept has evolved beyond the confines of Amazon. After one woman lost her toothbrush holder after a divorce, she decided to create the company Fresh Starts Registry. This online platform allows friends and family to “chip in” and contribute financially, helping spouses who have been left with very little after their divorce. As we all know, some spouses can walk away from their marriages in dire economic straits.

It is Not All About Finances

Although divorce registries clearly revolve around spouses’ financial needs, there is also a psychological element to the concept. Many argue that these divorce registries help with the healing process, providing individuals with a fresh start and a positive outlook on the future. 

Normalizing Divorce

Today, it seems as though divorce is just another excuse to shower each other with gifts. This shows how normal the process has become over the years. A few decades ago, it would have been unthinkable to give someone a gift after going through such a taboo, shameful life event. But now divorce is viewed so casually that people are thinking, “Why not? Why should we receive gifts during baby showers and weddings and not during our divorces?” 

The Online Platform is Evolving

Fresh Starts Registry now reportedly helps spouses get in touch with various professionals, such as therapists, divorce lawyers, mortgage lenders, and so on. This definitely seems like a growing market, and a digital space that has not been fully exploited as of yet. Other companies are quickly joining Fresh Starts Registry, such as a similar platform known as Divorcist. 

Work with a Qualified Attorney

Of course, the best way to limit the financial impact of a divorce is to simply work with an experienced attorney. Legal professionals can help spouses keep hold of more assets so that asking friends and families for gifts is not even necessary. However, something tells us that some spouses will seek out these gifts even if they walked away from their marriage with significantly more wealth than their ex.