Be on the leading edge of financial litigation learning with AACFL

Add a financial edge your your litigation teaching.

The AACFL welcomes attorneys who are legal educators to the organization and encourage educator membership. We believe that your role in the legal community is essential to the creation of a new generation of attorneys dedicated to practicing at a higher financial level and enhancing the efficiency of the court system and client cases.
For many of your students, a very high percentage of the cases they will be asked to work on once employed will be about money. Being on the cutting edge of financial education and trends in the financial world will allow you as an educator to provide your students with the most up-to-date and practical perspectives on these matters. In addition, if you choose to take the CFL examination and receive a passing grade, you will distinguish yourself from other educators in the legal world and be part of a truly unique community of attorneys.

Educator Membership benefits:

  • Exclusive membership – All CFLs must pass an exam to test their knowledge and earn the credential.
  • The ability to earn the CFL credential
  • Practice resources
  • Networking opportunities within your legal community
  • Increased marketing credibility
  • Increased skills
  • Invitation to attend the annual convention
  • The ability to train other attorneys and to create a common understanding for resolving the financial aspects of litigation.

As a member of AACFL you are eligible to take CFL Training Course and Exam.

financial education​Position yourself with credibility in your profession by becoming a CFL. The CFL designation represents the successful completion of the CFL training curriculum and the successful passing of the CFL exam. Only members of the AACFL may enroll in this course.

Take the CFL training course online. Learn online at your own pace.

mobiledevicesWherever you are, all of your study assets — including lessons and real CFL questions — can be accessed through your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. This is our most popular option for completing the CFL training course.