Drilling Down on RFP Personal Documents

We recently discussed the critical importance of the Requests for Production of Documents that as a divorce attorney you send to opposing counsel so as to gain financial information about your client’s spouse. These documents are especially important when your client is half of a high net worth couple. Once you receive the documents, your…


States Sue Feds Over State and Local Tax Deduction Cap

Computing your divorce clients’ state and local taxes that often affect property settlement negotiations may have just become even more complicated. While your CFL Designation for Divorce Practitioners gives you the advanced financial knowledge necessary to understand federal and state tax issues, keeping up with the ever-changing tax laws can be problematic at best. Now,…


When Your Client Refuses to Follow Your Advice

Even though your CFL Designation for Divorce Practitioners gives you the requisite financial knowledge to competently and advantageously draft your clients’ property settlement agreements, your knowledge alone is insufficient if your client refuses to take his or case seriously and follow your advice. Such apparently is what happened in Barnhart v. Barnhart, a case ultimately…