AACFL Case Study: Weinman & Associates, P.C.

  Daryl G. Weinman, of Weinman & Associates, PC, is a family lawyer and one of the managing partners at her Austin, Texas-based firm. The firm’s outstanding attorneys have successfully led litigation in the many areas of matrimonial law. Even with her firm’s prior outstanding reputation and impressive credentials, Daryl decided to elevate her practice…


Special Considerations in Foreign-Born Spousal Support Awards

When one of your high-asset divorce clients is foreign-born and has difficulty with the English language, you likely will find your CFL Designation for Divorce Practitioners particularly helpful. As you probably already realize, international marriages are not that uncommon today, especially among military personnel. Even if you practice in one of the nine community property…


How Temporary is “Temporary” Spousal Support?

In the situations that you encounter in your family law practice, you undoubtedly use the advanced financial knowledge and skills that your CFL Designation for Divorce Practitioners provide you on a daily basis. Whether constructing complicated high-asset property settlement agreements, drafting fair and equitable spousal and/or child support payment agreements, or determining how to best…