Daryl G. Weinman, of Weinman & Associates, PC, is a family lawyer and one of the managing partners at her Austin, Texas-based firm. The firm’s outstanding attorneys have successfully led litigation in the many areas of matrimonial law. Even with her firm’s prior outstanding reputation and impressive credentials, Daryl decided to elevate her practice further with the CFLTM credential.

With her background in finance and experience working on Wall Street, Daryl recognized the need to further develop her knowledge in the financial aspects of family law. Now, all four attorneys at Weinman & Associates are CFLTM certified.

Weinman began the CFLTM certification process with the hopes that she’d be better informed about new financial producers her clients or their spouses receive, which need to be valued and divided. On working with the AACFL, she says “I am not aware of any other training like this. This was very specifically directed at divorce litigation, with a variety of professional experts teaching from their industry’s perspective.”

The CFLTM credential has benefitted Weinman and her firm in numerous ways. For example, they’ve been able to look through tax returns and W-2s and recognize discrepancies in what spouses may claim in court. This is particularly helpful because a spouse can only receive support for the income they can show. Also, the firm is now better able to communicate what the new retirement benefits or incentive packages actually mean to clients. They save their clients time and money by having this deep understanding.

Weinman & Associates has also seen their CFLTM credential improve their reputation not only with clients and other attorneys but also with judges. Judges are more receptive to attorneys who have proven themselves to be up-to-date on new laws and policies affecting family law. The ability to leverage this knowledge set in the courtroom has been truly invaluable for Weinman’s firm.

“The financial world gets more and more complicated every day.  We as family law attorneys need to stay on top of the constant changes in tax consequences to the division of an estate, the valuation and divisibility of newly created financial vehicles, and the creative way that people like to hide income and assets.  AACFL not only provides the initial training and certification for all of this, but also keeps its members up to date on the ever-evolving industry in which we work.  This benefits us professionally and ultimately benefits the divorcing clients and the profession.”

– Daryl Weinman, Weinman & Associates, PC.

Learn more about the work that Daryl Weinman and her firm do here, and if you would like to see how the CFLTM credential can help elevate your firm, contact us.