There is no shortage of celebrity divorces in Hollywood, and in that sense, Ariana Grande’s recent split is nothing out of the ordinary. On the other hand, there seems to be a trend emerging among high-net-worth women who marry men with much lower earning capacities. Simply put, these marriages rarely work. Why is this the case? An interesting blend of psychological tendencies and financial realities may help to explain this phenomenon. 

Ariana Grande’s Divorce Highlights Issues With Financial Mismatches

Recently, it was reported that Ariana Grande and her ex-husband were seeking a divorce. The pair had been married for about two years, and despite quarantining together throughout the pandemic, it seems that the relationship was not meant to be. Public statements indicate a highly amicable split, and the pair does not seem willing to engage in a litigated battle – unlike so many other celebrity spouses. 

Part of this has to do with an iron-clad prenuptial agreement painstakingly crafted by Grande’s lawyer, who is reportedly one of the very best in Hollywood. The prenup is fairly generous for Gomez, who will walk away with a tax-free lump-sum payment of $1.25 million – plus a share of the family home once it is sold. Despite essentially being paid to go away, Gomez must be relatively satisfied with this arrangement.

Of course, he could have walked away with much more in the absence of a prenup. As a successful luxury real estate agent, Gomez has a reported net worth of $20 million. While this is certainly impressive, Ariana Grande’s net worth is more than 10 times higher, at a reported $240 million. 

Why Do So Many High-Earning Wives Divorce Low-Earning Husbands?

This wealth disparity may have contributed to the divorce. It is something we have seen many times previously, and it seems as though these marriages have a relatively low chance of long-term success. Perhaps the most notable recent example is MacKenzie Scott’s divorce from a man named Dan Jewett. This marriage also lasted just two years, and the wealth disparity was even more pronounced. While Scott had a net worth of over $20 billion when she wed Jewett, his own fortune was essentially inconsequential. He reportedly works as a school teacher in Seattle – a respectable profession but not one that even begins to provide a comparable level of wealth.  

Many researchers have attempted to examine the dynamic between a high-earning wife and a low-earning husband. Generally speaking, the statistics show that men are more likely to cheat in this type of marriage. Not only that, but they are more likely to struggle with feelings of emasculation. At the same time, wives who earn more than their husbands experience lower levels of marital satisfaction. This leads to a psychological and financial recipe for disaster, and the high divorce rate with these marriages should come as no surprise. Of course, statistics do not tell the whole story – and there are always exceptions.