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The AACFL proudly offers membership to law students who have distinguished themselves in their academic careers and who strive to be part of a challenging career in financial litigation. In order to apply for membership, students must be currently enrolled in law school and submit a membership application to the AACFL. The board will pay especially close attention to an additional narrative prepared by the student relating to their reasons for applying for membership, accomplishments during their academic career and goals for the future.

AACFL Student Memberships Overview

CFL Benefits

​Students who are granted membership will have the unique opportunity to network with potential employers and to distinguish themselves from other employment applicants. A student may take the CFL curriculum and learn financial aspects of litigation, making them more valuable to potential employers. In today’s competitive environment with fierce competition for law firm jobs, this training shows initiative and provides students with an advantage not available to all aspiring attorneys.

About Student Memberships

Although students may apply for membership, take our curriculum, and participate in networking, the CFL designation will only be awarded when the student successfully passes the bar exam in his or her state. Through discussions with managing partners at a wide range of law firms, we have learned that they have difficulty finding applicants that can truly add value to their work without a significant learning curve, as much of the work they have new associates perform revolves around the financial aspects of litigation. The universal response to our program has been, regardless of the area of law, that it would result in applicants having a competitive advantage over other law graduates because they would have the ability to “hit the ground running” and be able to add value to cases from day one of employment.

AACFL Internships

Student members of the AACFL also have the opportunity to apply for internship opportunities at the AACFL. These internships (available both during the academic year and during the summer) provide students with valuable insights into the legal world, contact with a wide range of attorneys and potentially hands on experience in the financial aspects of cases through our network of affiliated financial experts.

As a member of AACFL you are eligible to take CFL Training Course and Exam.

financial education​Position yourself with credibility in your profession by becoming a CFL. The CFL designation represents the successful completion of the CFL training curriculum and the successful passing of the CFL exam. Only members of the AACFL may enroll in this course.

Take the CFL training course online. Learn online at your own pace.

mobiledevicesWherever you are, all of your study assets — including lessons and real CFL questions — can be accessed through your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. This is our most popular option for completing the CFL training course.