lawbookThe AACFL offers complimentary membership to current Judges, retired Judges and State Officials working with the court system.

Feedback from Judges can be an essential tool for improving the efficiency of the court system. Accordingly, we welcome feedback and suggestions from Judges about areas which they believe often lend themselves to inadvertent misrepresentation by attorneys making financial representations to the Court. Our goal is to gain a better understanding of these areas so that we can continually update our curriculum to focus on areas causing unnecessary litigation and court time. We strive for our curriculum to be relevant, result in efficiency and reduce conflict through effective financial education.

For issues of importance to Judges in any state, we are available to help your community by providing customized presentations on areas such as business valuation, income available for support, alimony calculations, lost profits, computer forensics, forensic accounting, damages calculations and various other important valuation/financial issues. Our presentations can be made at conferences, conventions, bar associations or at local courthouses. We require a minimum of five Judges for courthouse presentations.

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