Congratulations on Your Achievement!

On behalf of the National Leadership of the AACFL, we would like to congratulate you on achieving your CFL designation! The course was designed by experts nationwide and leaders in their field to test your skills in the financial aspects of litigation. Passing the CFL Exam is a benchmark for inclusion in an exclusive group of lawyers who possess this valuable skill set. We applaud your accomplishment and your commitment to enhancing the legal community for attorneys, clients and the court system.

Now more than ever, clients and Judges need a community of lawyers that they can have confidence in about financial representations and strategies. We hope you will consider a leadership role in the AACFL and help others to obtain these skills, resulting in optimal resolution of cases with financial issues.


The AACFL National Leadership Board

Next Steps

Now that you have earned the CFL designation and have a credential that distinguishes you from the majority of your peers, we want to give you the tools to showcase your accomplishment. We have received feedback from many of our members that use of our logos, email signature graphics, website badges and website narrative has become a significant talking point when meeting new clients. As you know, attracting high net worth clients is a competitive endeavor as many are sophisticated and seeking to choose an attorney who stands out due to financial acumen. The following are immediate action steps you can take to enjoy the benefits of being a CFL today!

See the following list:

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile to add CFL to your name.
  2. Email us if you would like a congratulation post from us on LinkedIn and/or in our newsletter
  3. As a CFL, you have permission to use the website badges and logos we have designed for attorneys who earn the designation. Click here to easily download them.
  4. You can copy and paste them into your email signature box in outlook or many other email services.
  5. Add CFL after your name in your email signature.
  6. You can also upload our exclusive website badges to your website and personal bio.
  7. See below for draft language for a website to explain your achievement and capture the interest of clients in need of an attorney with financial sophistication.

Sample Website Language

The CFL designation is awarded by the American Academy of Certified Financial Litigators to attorneys who have taken advanced coursework in the financial aspects of family law litigation and demonstrated their proficiency in this area by passing the CFL Exam. This exclusive group of practitioners are members in good standing of the Academy and have shown a dedication to achieving optimal financial results for their clients, making credible representations in court and helping their clients through the latest financial strategies.

Knowing that sound financial strategies combined with legal skills can make a significant difference in the financial outcome of a case, CFLs have demonstrated superior skills in a wide range of topics to effectively handle the financial aspects of cases including but not limited to taxation, tax strategies, property division strategies, income analysis for support purposes, business valuation methodology, Investment account analysis, financial statement analysis and efficient ways to analyze and approach these areas.

For more information about the CFL designation and the areas of study required to earn the exclusive CFL designation, visit www.aacfl.org




Badges Exclusively for CFLs!



Certified Financial Litigator






Certified Financial Litigator


Going Forward

As a CFL, you have the opportunity to be part of a dynamic community by helping to improve the court system through our Judicial Education Exchange. Only CFLs can contribute content for inclusion in the materials we are making available to the Judiciary. We hope you will consider working with us on this initiative.

Should you desire a leadership position, we welcome you to write to us and apply. It would be a pleasure to work with you!

Once again, congratulations from all of us at the AACFL!