Although all eyes are on Johnny and Amber’s epic defamation lawsuit, another divorced couple is quietly preparing for one of the most expensive divorce trials in history. John Paulson’s fortune makes Depp’s wealth look like chump change, and the hedge fund manager was said to be worth well over $4 billion in 2020. His ex-wife Jenny seems intent on taking this divorce to court, and she has reportedly rejected a settlement worth billions – more than John is legally obliged to pay her. 

What happens next is anyone’s guess. But we are soon to find out, as it looks like John Paulson will have no other option than to fight this out in court and defend his fortune. Most wealthy individuals like to settle divorces outside of court, as this helps protect their privacy. This is one of those rare cases where the spouses are willing to bare it all in public. Who knows what kind of details will come out of this legal battle?

Who is John Paulson?

John Paulson is a 66-year-old hedge fund manager who is famous for establishing Paulson & Co. This investment management fund was founded in 1994, and it is one of the most influential organizations in the world of finance. Paulson is celebrated for being truly self-made, having amassed one of the biggest fortunes in Wall Street history. While he began life as an obscure money manager, he achieved legendary status after betting against the subprime mortgage lending market with credit default swaps. When the market crashed in 2008, he raked in an insane fortune. By 2010, he had earned $4.9 billion. 

John’s Marriage

He married his wife Jenny in 2000, and here is the crucial detail — they did not sign a prenuptial agreement. While the pair remained married for over 20 years and had two daughters together, they ultimately called it quits by 2021. That year, Paulson filed for divorce but then quickly withdrew his divorce action in favor of settling out of court. 

As part of the settlement negotiation, Paulson allegedly offered Jenny a settlement worth “billions.” John’s lawyers also stated that this amount was “far more than what is required by law.” However, Jenny has rejected this settlement – something that has drawn ire from John’s legal team, who recently released a statement claiming “her greed has created an insurmountable obstacle to settlement.”

The Upcoming Legal Battle

Now, the two seem set to engage in one of the most expensive divorce trials ever. There are many high-value assets at stake, including estates in Southampton, Aspen, and Manhattan. At least one Manhattan apartment spans more than 28,000 square feet. With no prenuptial agreement, John has no choice but to meet her in court. For the collaborative divorce system to work, both spouses have to agree to negotiate. Because Jenny is walking away from the negotiating table, there is no chance of a settlement. This may put his private life under the microscope – including his new relationship with a 34-year-old dietician.