It should come as no surprise that Jeff Bezos is planning to sign another prenuptial agreement. After all, he is essentially the poster child for prenups. If there is anyone who needs a prenup, it is him. He is now the third-richest man in the world, although he once held the top spot. It makes sense to protect his many hundreds of billions of dollars, especially since there is always the risk of attracting the “wrong” kind of attention from prospective romantic partners. 

What do we know about Bezos’ new prenup? What kind of details might it include? How will he approach romantic life differently today compared to his previous marriage? Let’s attempt to answer some of these questions, which are now dominating headlines around the world.

Bezos is Now Engaged

First of all, it is worth noting that Bezos is not actually married to anyone yet. He is however engaged to his new girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez. To be clear, Sanchez is no slouch when it comes to net worth. Although her fortune does not even begin to approach the Amazonian empire of Bezos, she has experienced genuine success in the entertainment world. Today, she is known for her work on The View, Good Day LA, Extra, Larry King Live, Showbiz Tonight, and many other programs. 

She also served as the original host for So You Think You Can Dance? Sanchez has been voted one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world, and she founded her own aerial film and production company, having earned her airplane and helicopter licenses. Perhaps most notably, she and Bezos engaged in an extramarital affair while they were both married, leading to both marriages ending in divorce. Celebrity Net Worth estimates her fortune to be around $30 million. 

Bezos Has Learned From Past Mistakes

Although Jeff and Mackenzie publicly assured everyone that their split was amicable, we can all guess how the Amazon founder felt about the situation. No one likes to hand over $38 billion to their ex – and this was one of the most lucrative divorce settlements in history. Today, Bezos has clearly learned from his mistakes – and he is ensuring that this never happens again with a new prenup signed with Laura Sanchez. 

The actual details of the prenup were never revealed, and his lawyers are probably still fine-tuning the agreement. One thing is for sure, however: This prenup is intended to protect Jeff’s assets first and foremost. Yes – Laura will keep her $30 million fortune thanks to this prenup – but that was never the issue here. Jeff wants to make sure that he does not lose another 50% of his entire net worth with another divorce. 

With all that said, Laura clearly stands to benefit in a number of ways from the marriage – and it seems as though she understands Jeff’s need for a prenup. The two are apparently in love, and who are we to question that? Laura has already received a 20-carat ring from Bezos, and it seems as though she has booked a seat on an upcoming Blue Origin space exploration mission.