For legal professionals who handle divorces, January can be a busy month. But why is there such a surge of divorce filings when the new year rolls around? Many factors may be to blame, and marriages often end due to a combination of things. However, the increased number of divorce filings in January is clearly not a myth, and it is something we should examine closely if we want to understand why couples split up in the first place. If you are considering divorce in January or any other time of year, reach out to our experienced attorneys for help. 

The Truth Behind Divorce Month

First of all, we can safely say that “Divorce Month” is not a mere myth and that there does seem to be an increase in divorce filings in January. Any qualified, experienced divorce attorney will tell you that their phone starts ringing more often in the new year. In addition to this widely-experienced phenomenon within legal circles, studies have also supported the existence of “Divorce Month.” A 2016 study conducted by the University of Washington found that divorce proceedings did in fact increase during January. This study looked at all divorce proceedings spanning from 2001 to 2015. 

Why are Divorces So Common in January?

The “Divorce Month” phenomenon may be explained by a number of factors. First, spouses are simply spending more time with each other during the holidays. When work commitments disappear, spouses are forced to confront issues within their relationship head-on. Workaholic spouses are no longer able to deny these issues by throwing themselves headfirst into their careers, and sometimes relationship issues explode over the holidays as a result. 

Another important factor to consider is money. Studies have shown that most couples in the United States divorce due to money issues. And as we all know, financial pressures can become quite extreme over the holidays. As parents scramble to buy presents for their children and splurge on that Christmas vacation, finances can quickly become overstretched. When January rolls around, reality sets in. Money then leads to fierce arguments, and a divorce soon follows. 

Evidence of Divorce Month in the News

We can also see evidence of divorce month in the news. Pay close attention to the headlines, and you may notice that more celebrity couples are calling it quits during this month. On December 21st, the ruler of Dubai was ordered to pay his wife a record $730 million in a divorce settlement. This divorce case was actually handled in the UK, which is becoming a popular destination for “divorce tourism.” 

Popular Taiwanese singer Wang Leehom was also forced to pay out a substantial settlement on the 21st, as his ex-wife has just been given $40 million. This amounts to about 33% of the celebrity’s net worth. The ex-wife is also receiving the family home, which is a considerable mansion in Taiwan worth millions of dollars. In addition, she is set to receive half of an additional home in Los Angeles, half of the family’s stock investments, and a total of about $30,000 each month for living expenses.