As a family law attorney, you know how to fight for your clients’ financial futures. Especially in high-net-worth divorce cases, much is at stake and you want to negotiate a successful outcome for everyone. In the process, do you fully understand your clients’ financial situations to advise them on the best course for their cases? 

Not every divorce lawyer does. Many attorneys study liberal arts at the undergraduate level, go to law school, and begin client work without any formal financial training. You may have experienced the following problems throughout your career:

  • You picked up some financial education on the job (as a “road scholar”), but you feel like you don’t know enough.
  • Few law schools require students to take courses in accounting and finance. If you dislike math or dealing with numbers, you might have avoided enrolling in those classes.
  • Financial and business training often isn’t a priority at law firms. They don’t always require their attorneys to learn more or stay current in their specialties.
  • The training some firms want their attorneys to take, whether it’s simply a seminar or a business boot camp, doesn’t always cover everything you should know. 
  • If you’ve tried to convince your firm about the benefits of enhanced financial knowledge for everyone, key partners may have denied the funding.

Whether you want to broaden your financial skillset or that of your firm, online courses can provide a suitable alternative. They’re often more affordable than boot camps or college classes. You can also use online courses on all delivery platforms and digital tools. If a firm decides to enroll its key staff and associates in these courses, it may experience better retention. You can also use access to these courses as a “selling point” in your recruiting and in your networking to help you generate more leads. Best of all, the increased knowledge may lead to greater productivity and more satisfied clients.

The AACFL is the only organization by and for divorce lawyers and judges. Our mission is to fill in the gaps in family law attorneys’ financial knowledge. Today’s economy has become more complex. Experience in business fundamentals, including finance, can set you apart from other attorneys and help you become a trusted adviser to your clients, especially in negotiations or disputes. 

As your clients navigate through a divorce, one of the biggest events in their lives, they need the sharpest attorneys to guide them. A solid understanding of the fundamentals taught in our Certified Financial Litigators (CFL™) Training course can make a difference in their lives. They may more easily begin a new chapter on more secure financial footing. While years of experience as a divorce attorney is undoubtedly valuable, imagine the power and benefit to clients of combining that legal knowledge with enhanced financial skills!

How Will the CFL™ Course Help Me and My Clients?

CFLs receive unique training in financial areas that can make a significant difference in the outcome of their cases and in the efficiency with which they handle them. When you become part of the next generation in financial litigation training, you can:

  • Handle depositions and cross-examinations on financial matters with ease
  • Improve your skills in the financial areas of litigation
  • Consult with our financial professionals at no additional cost

Our CFL™ course topics include understanding tax returns and other financial statements, determining income for support purposes, business valuation, accounting for lawyers, and much more. We use an interactive approach to training based on class exercises followed by discussion.

Wherever you are, you can access all of your study assets — including lessons and real CFL™ questions — through your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. We offer three convenient ways to learn designed to fit your busy lifestyle while you develop a strong financial skill set to improve your career: CFL Online, On Demand (via a video course available 24/7), and CFL Live Online (in real-time with a live trainer in a virtual classroom).

The faculty and curriculum developers consist of attorneys, CPAs, MBAs, Ph. D.s, and other talented experts. All participants receive the course and reference materials, practice aids and checklists, and financial analysis resources.

Download our free information packet TODAY to learn how the CFL™ Certification can help your divorce practice grow.