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About the New York Chapter

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The New York chapter of the AACFL is an organization of elite attorneys dedicated to excellence in the financial aspects of litigation. Membership indicates a significant commitment to the community by improving the efficiency of the court system through advanced financial education for attorneys. Additional benefits include greater efficiencies for their clients, effective financial strategies, and reductions in avoidable court time. The primary mission of the AACFL is to serve the public by establishing a community of lawyers committed to optimizing financial results for their clients.

The CFL™ training program provides advanced education to attorneys through live courses, member events, and a wide range of training resources and practice tools. The Exam provides independent, unbiased testing of an attorney’s skill in financial areas. The designation indicates completion of the training curriculum, success in passing the CFL exam, and is the AACFL’s highest mark of distinction for an attorney.

Many cases require an attorney who is sophisticated in financial matters. Whether a case is a divorce, a shareholder dispute, a damages claim, or other type of litigation, chances are that a significant part of the litigation relates to money. Surprisingly, many lawyers are not required to be trained in these areas. A common path for a lawyer is a liberal arts undergraduate education followed by law school resulting in minimal training in financial areas other than from occasional seminars. AACFL members can receive unique training in financial areas that could make a significant difference in both the outcome of a case and in the efficiency with which it is handled.

Membership is available to attorneys who are dedicated to the AACFL mission of enhancing the legal system through our programs and to being on the “cutting edge” of financial strategies.

For the individuals in need of an attorney with sophistication in financial matters, we encourage you to visit our national website and learn about the benefits of working with an AACFL member today.

Coming Soon – See our listing of attorney members in the Family Law Elite annual publication (a listing for the public of family law attorneys with advanced training in the financial aspects of litigation)!


The success of the New York chapter would not be possible without the leadership, guidance, and dedication of our attorney advisory board, advisory firms, sponsors, and education faculty.

New York Attorney Advisory Board

Mitchell Cohen – Johnson & Cohen, LLP

Elliot Wiener – Phillips Nizer LLP

Steve Mandel – The Mandel Law Firm

Lisa Zeiderman – Miller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr

Dror Bikel – Bikel & Mandarano

Margery Greenberg – Segal and Greenberg

Sponsors, Faculty and Advisory Firms

Lee D. Sanderson, CPA, ABV, CFF, CVA, MST – President, Valuation Forensics, LLC

Kenneth J. Pia, Jr., CPA, ABV, ASA, MCBA – Marcum, LLP

Paul Mark, CPA, MBA – Fairview Fund Administration, Bentley University

Meyer Levy, CPA – Partner, KLR

Craig Lewis – Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley

Robert Ryan, CFP, CIMA, CPWA – Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley

Bruce Patz – Advantage Payroll Services

Attorney Protective – Malpractice Insurance Provider (Discounts Available to AACFL Members)


To contact a chapter member please email us

Member NameFirm NameMembership TypeCFL™ Certified
Adam SchneidMost & Schneid, P.C.Founding Member
Alicia GaudioNovenstern Fabriani & Gaudio LLPFounding Member
Amy ReissAmy L. ReissMember
Amy SaltzmanAmy Saltzman, PCFounding Member
Ashley KerstingMiller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, LLPFounding Member
Barbara BurgerBurger & Green, LLPFounding Member
Barbara CastrataroLaw Office of Barbara A. CastrataroFounding Member
Barbara StraussStrauss & Kallus, PLLC Founding Member
Barry AbbottMayerson Abramowitz & Kahn, LLPFounding Member
Barton ResnicoffLaw Office of Barton R. ResnicoffFounding Member
Bill LondonLaw Offices of William D. LondonFounding Member
BriAnne CoppGreenspoon Marder LLPFounding Member
Bryan GoldsteinBikel & MandaranoFounding Member
Candi FulopFulop LawFounding Member
Carol MostMost & Schneid, PCFounding Member
Carrie CavalloSchpoont & Cavallo LLPFounding Member
Cheryl SolomonCheryl S. Solomon, Esq.Founding Member
Chris OwenNovenstern Fabriani & Gaudio LLPFounding Member
Christopher MangoldFarber, Pappalardo & CarbonariFounding Member
Cindy HelfmanHoltzman Helfman LLPFounding Member
Cindy SinghSegal and Greenberg, LLPFounding Member
David BlivenLaw Offices of David BlivenMember
David WarrenMontalbano, Condon & Frank, P.C.Founding Member
Diana RuizDiana Lozada Ruiz, Esq.Member
Dolores GebhardtMcCarthy Fingar, LLPFounding Member
Donna GenoveseGoldschmidt & Genovese LLPFounding Member
Dror BikelBikel & MandaranoAdvisory Board Member
Ellen HoltzmanThe Law Office of Ellen B. HoltzmanFounding Member
Ellen Janko-BakenFredman Baken & Kosan, LLPMember
Elliot WienerPhillips Nizer LLPAdvisory Board Member
Emily SilpeMarguerite E. Royer Esq., P.C.Founding Member
Emily WalshMiller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, LLPFounding Member
Evan ScheinBerkman Bottger Newman & Rodd, LLPFounding Member
Evan WiederkehrMiller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, LLPFounding Member
Faith MillerMiller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, LLPFounding Member
Frances DeThomasTyre & DeThomas, PCFounding Member
Harvey KallusStrauss & Kallus, PLLCFounding Member
Ilysa MagnusLaw Offices of Ilysa M. Magnus P.C.Founding Member
Ira GarrGarr Silpe, PCFounding Member
Jacqueline NewmanBerkman Bottger Newman & Rodd, LLPFounding Member
James NollettiCollier, Halpern, Newberg & Nolletti, LLPFounding Member
James SextonLaw Offices of James J. Sexton, PCFounding Member
Jeanne BonneyJeanne Bonney, PLLCFounding Member
Jeffrey CohenCohen Goldstein LLPFounding Member
Jennifer JackmanMiller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, LLPFounding Member
Jennifer O'HaraDelBello Donnellan Weingarten Wise & Wiederkehr LLPFounding Member
Jessica ResslerRessler & AssociatesFounding Member
Jessica ToelstedtBerkman Bottger Newman & Rodd, LLPFounding Member
Joan IaconoIacono LawFounding Member
Joanne IndrioloThe Kitson Law Firm, LLPFounding Member
John GrimesGrimes & Zimet, Attorneys at LawFounding Member
John PappalardoFarber, Pappalardo & CarbonariFounding Member
John YacosThe Law Firm of John Yacos, P.CFounding Member
Jordana BarishGarr Silpe, PCFounding Member
Justine StringerBikel & MandaranoFounding Member
Karen JansenThe Law Office of Karen M. Jansen, Esq.Founding Member
Katherine MillerKatherine Eisold Miller, PCFounding Member
Keith RiegerRieger & Fried, LLPFounding Member
Ken JewellJewell Law, PLLCFounding Member
Kevin ConnollyMiller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, LLPFounding Member
Lauren FriendLauren Friend LawMember
Laurie Vazquez
Miller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, LLPMember
Lawrence GlynnLawrence J GlynnFounding Member
Lawrence LaRausBuonamici & LaRaus, LLP Founding Member
Linda MarkowitzRosenthal & Markowitz, LLPFounding Member
Linda RosenthalBikel & MandaranoFounding Member
Lisa ZeidermanMiller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, LLPFounding Member
Lydia AntoncicLydia S. Antoncic, PCFounding Member
Lynn MaierLynn J. Maier, PCFounding Member
Margaret NicholsonMargaret A. Nicholson, Esq.Founding Member
Margery GreenbergSegal and GreenbergAdvisory Board Member
Marguerite RoyerMarguerite E. Royer Esq., P.C.Founding Member
Mark ReismanReisman Rubeo & Altman, LLPMember
Matthew MarcusMiller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, LLPFounding Member
Matthew MarcusMiller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, LLPFounding Member
Maxine ParkLaw Office of Maxine H. ParkFounding Member
Michael BurkeMichael BurkeFounding Member
Michael OmboniThe Dannon CompanyMember
Mitchell CohenJohnson & Cohen, LLPAdvisory Board Member
Morghan RichardsonDavidoff, Hutcher & Citron, LLPMember
Mudita ChawlaChemtob Moss & Forman, LLPFounding Member
Nancy GreenBurger & Green, LLPFounding Member
Naomi SchanfieldBikel & MandaranoFounding Member
Neil KozekKramer Kozek LLPFounding Member
Olga BatsedisZimmet Law Group, PCFounding Member
Orrit HershkovitzBarton LLPFounding Member
Pamela SloanAronson, Mayefsky & Sloan, LLPFounding Member
Pasquale CrispoLaw Offices of Hariri & CrispoFounding Member
Patricia BisestoPatricia T. Bisesto, Esq.Founding Member
Patricia FerschFersch Petitti LLCFounding Member
Patricia KitsonThe Kitson Law FirmFounding Member
Patrick CarleLaw Office of Patrick J CarleMember
Raimonde SwarzRower LLCFounding Member
Rebecka LevittElisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace UniversityWCBA Community Recovery Task ForceStudent Member
Risa KassKass and Navins, PLLCFounding Member
Robert SmithRobert G. Smith PLLCFounding Member
Robert SunshineLaw Office of Robert S. Sunshine, PCFounding Member
Roy GerardRoy F Gerard Attorney At LawFounding Member
Sarah MonacoMiller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, LLPMember
Shari Bornstein
The Law Firm of John Yacos, P.CMember
Shauna FriedmanMiller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, LLPFounding Member
Sherry BishkoRosenthal & Markowitz, LLPFounding Member
Siobhan T. O’GradyMiller Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, LLPMember
Stacy MarcusSocial Strategy, LLCStudent Member
Steve MandelThe Mandel Law FirmAdvisory Board Member
Stewart RosenwasserRosenwasser Law, Attorneys at LawFounding Member
Sylvia GoldschmidtGoldschmidt & Genovese LLPFounding Member
Theresa GirolamoNolletti Law GroupFounding Member
Thomas SassoneLaw Offices of Thomas V. SassoneFounding Member
Vanessa GabrieleGabriele Law PLLCMember
Mark PlaineLaw Office of Mark I. Plaine, Esq.Member
Shari Rackman
The Law Offices of Shari B. RackmanMember
James Haffner
The Kitson Law Firm, PLLCMember
Kiersten SchramekRessler & AssociatesFounding
Meredith KenyonRessler & AssociatesFounding
David BlivenLaw Offices of David BlivenMember
Jeanette EspinosaLaw Offices of David BlivenParalegal Member
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