Dedicated to enhancing the legal profession through advanced financial education


About the Massachusetts Chapter

The Massachusetts chapter of the AACFL is an organization of elite attorneys dedicated to excellence in the financial aspects of litigation. Membership indicates a significant commitment to the community by improving the efficiency of the court system through advanced financial education for attorneys. Additional benefits include greater efficiencies for their clients, effective financial strategies, and reductions in avoidable court time. The primary mission of the AACFL is to serve the public by establishing a community of lawyers committed to optimizing financial results for their clients.

The CFL™ training program, available only to AACFL members, provides advanced education to attorneys through live courses, member events, and a wide range of training resources and practice tools. The CFL™ Exam provides independent, unbiased testing of an attorney’s skill in financial areas. The CFL™ designation indicates completion of the training curriculum, success in passing the CFL exam, and is the AACFL’s highest mark of distinction for an attorney.

Many cases require an attorney who is sophisticated in financial matters. Whether a case is a divorce, a shareholder dispute, a damages claim, or other type of litigation, chances are that a significant part of the litigation relates to money. Surprisingly, many lawyers are not required to be trained in these areas. A common path for a lawyer is a liberal arts undergraduate education followed by law school resulting in minimal training in financial areas other than from occasional seminars. AACFL members can receive unique training in financial areas that could make a significant difference in both the outcome of a case and in the efficiency with which it is handled.

Membership is available to attorneys who are dedicated to the AACFL mission of enhancing the legal system through our programs and to being on the “cutting edge” of financial strategies.

For the individuals in need of an attorney with sophistication in financial matters, we encourage you to visit our national website and learn about the benefits of working with an AACFL member today.


The success of the Massachusetts chapter would not be possible without the leadership, guidance, and dedication of our attorney advisory board, advisory firms, sponsors, and education faculty.

Massachusetts Advisory Board

Steven Gurdin, Esq., CFL – Partner, Fitch Law Partners, LLP

Peter Barlow, Esq., CFL – Partner, Kates & Barlow, P.C.

Stephen Lander, Esq., CFL – Partner, Lander & Lander, P.C.

Laura Gibbs, Esq., CFL – Partner, Gibbs & Heinle, LLP

Robin Lynch Nardone, Esq.,CFL – Burns & Levinson, LLP

Sponsors, Faculty and Advisory Firms

Lee D. Sanderson, CPA, ABV, CFF, CVA, MST – President, Valuation Forensics, LLC

Paul Mark, CPA, MBA – Fairview Fund Administration, Bentley University

Meyer Levy, CPA – Partner, KLR

Craig Lewis – Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley

Robert Ryan, CFP, CIMA, CPWA – Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley

Bruce Patz – Advantage Payroll Services

David Alves – Computer Forensics, Member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

GW & Wade, LLC – Independent Wealth Management Firm


To contact a chapter member please email us

Member NameFirm NameMembership TypeCFL™ Certified
Adam Avratin, CFLThe Avratin Law OfficeFounding Member
Albert A. DeNapoliTarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers, PCMember
Alisha S. TomasinoTomasino Legal Group, LCMember
Amanda ShumanDanger Law, LLCMember
Amy DawsonGraff Law OfficeMember
Andrea Delaney, CFLFields, Dennis & Cooper, LLPFounding Member
Andrea Dunbar, CFLBurns & Levinson, LLPFounding Member
Andrea LanceLance Law, LLCMember
Andrea WellsLevitt Law GroupMember
Ann Breau KarpenskiLewis BreauMember
Anna O. Klimas, CFLConn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford, LLPMember
Anthony J. LowShapiro Law Group, PCMember
Arthur H. Marshall, MPS, ASA, CBA, CVABerryDunnEducator Member
Arthur SneiderSneider Kellman, PCFounding Member
Barbara Drury, CFLFitch Law Partners, LLPFounding Member
Barbara Nason, CFLNason Divorce Solutions, LLCMember
Beth NussbaumNussbaum Family LawMember
Bonnie Karshbaum, CFLBonnie Karshbaum, Esq., CFLFounding Member
Brad TaylorMarcum LLPEducator Member
Brian HeneghanKates & Barlow, PCFounding Member
Brian Waller, CFLSequel Law, LLCMember
Briana M. CoakleyCoakley & Hyde, PLLCMember
Calvin HeinleGibbs & Heinle, LLPFounding Member
Cara Sgobba, CFLCervizzi & AssociatesMember
Carlos Maycotte, CFLFitch Law Partners, LLPFounding Member
Charlene CaldeiraKajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLPMember
Cheryl Garrity, CFLCheryl Garrity Attorney at LawFounding Member
Christie JacobiGibbs & Heinle, LLPMember
Christina Pashou, CFLMavrides LawMember
Christopher WalshGibbs & Heinle, LLPMember
CiCi Van Tine, CFLBurns & Levinson, LLPFounding Member
Cynthia M. Sullivan, CFLCynthia M. Sullivan Attorney at LawMember
Cynthia T. RungeLaw Office of Cynthia T. RungeMember
Dana E. PrescottPrescott Jamieson Murphy Law Group, LLCMember
Daryl ZulesConn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford, LLPMember
David H. LeeLee & Rivers, LLPMember
David M. FriedmanRackemann, Sawyer & Brewster PCMember
David RussmanRussman LawFounding Member
David S. AbramsonVerrill Dana LLPMember
Dean AmroseMcGrath & Kane Attorneys at Law, Inc.Founding Member
Diane M. GasperHowie Law Office, PLLCMember
Elena TsizerLaw Office of Elena TsizerMember
Elizabeth Crowley, CFLBurns & Levinson, LLPFounding Member
Ellen MattinglyMattingly & Devlin, LLCMember
Emily WeberMavrides Law Member
Emmanuel DockterBaum & DockterMember
Eric SchutzbankBerid & Schutzbank LLCMember
Erica FosterFoster LawMember
Francine Gardikas, CFLBurns & Levinson, LLPFounding Member
Gary Avratin, CFLThe Avratin Law OfficeFounding Member
Gary ToddTodd & Weld, LLPFounding Member
Gayle Stone Turesky, CFLStone, Stone, & CreemFounding Member
Geraldine McEvoyMcEvoy & Stuntz, LLPFounding Member
Helen Holcomb, CFLCunha & Holcomb, PCFounding Member
Hindell GrossmanGrossman & Associates, LTD.Member
Howard LewisLewis BreauMember
Jane Fraier, CFLFraier & Maillet, PCFounding Member
Jeff Melick, CFLKajko, Weisman & Colasanti, LLPFounding Member
Jeffrey QuinnJeffrey Quinn, Esq.Member
Jeffrey Soilson, CFLFitch Law Partners, LLPFounding Member
Jennifer HawthorneSkylark Law and Mediation, PCMember
Jennifer LamannaLamanna Law OfficesMember
Jessica DubinLee & Rivers, LLPFounding Member
JoAnne Meyers, CFLNovick and MeyersFounding Member
Joanne RomanowCasner & Edwards, LLPFounding Member
John HoffmanHoffman Law GroupFounding Member
John Quigley, CFLLaw Office of John E. Quigley, PCFounding Member
Jordan BowneBurns & Levinson, LLPMember
Joshua N. RobbinsLewis BreauMember
Joshua TraceyTracey & AssociatesFounding Member
Judith McKinnon, CFLStone, Stone & CreemMember
Julia RodgersMavrides LawFounding Member
Julie HessKajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLPMember
Karen LevittLevitt Law GroupMember
Karen M. BuckleyRosenberg, Freedman & Lee, LLPMember
Karen Van Kooy, CFLIsrael, Van Kooy, & Days, LLCFounding Member
Kathryn YatesWilson & Orcutt, PCMember
Katie Cintolo, CFLStone, Stone & CreemMember
Kelly Schwartz, CFLFitch Law Partners, LLPMember
Kevin P. RauseoHamblett & KerriganMember
Kirsten Z. YoungConn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford, LLPMember
Kristin A. BullwinkelWilson & Orcutt, PCFounding Member
Kristin JiangKajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLPMember
Kristine Cummings, CFLFitch Law Partners, LLPFounding Member
Laura Cervizzi, CFLCervizzi & AssociatesFounding Member
Laura Gibbs, CFLGibbs & Heinle, LLPFounding Member
Laura Studen, CFLBurns & Levinson, LLPFounding Member
Laura Unflat, CFLThe Law Office of Laura M. UnflatFounding Member
Laurel J. PetersonMichael l. Flores, PCStudent Member
Laurel K. Spallone, CFLConn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford, LLPMember
Lauren Bussey, CFLBrick, Sugarman, Jones & McBrien, LLPMember
Leila WonsLaw Office of Leila J. WonsFounding Member
Lindsay MackLee & Rivers, LLCFounding Member
Lisa CukierBurns & Levinson, LLPFounding Member
Lisa GraffGraff Law OfficeMember
Lisa MarinoWilson, Marino, Bonnevie, PCFounding Member
Lisa Wilson, CFLWilson, Marino & Bonnevie, P.C.Founding Member
Lorraine StarkBurns & Levinson, LLPFounding Member
Marc CooperFields, Dennis & Cooper, LLPFounding Member
Marc FitzgeraldCasner & Edwards, LLPFounding Member
Marcia MavridesMavrides LawFounding Member
Marlene ShinerFitch Law Partners, LLPMember
Martha Bagley, CFLBagley LawMember
Mary Beth Sweeney, CFLAtwood & Cherny, PCFounding Member
Mary Ferriter, CFLEsdaile, Barrett, Jacobs, & MoneFounding Member
Matthew PassalacquaKajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLPMember
Maura AndersonKajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLPMember
Michael Judge, CFLBurns & Levinson, LLPFounding Member
Michelle LewisLaw Office of Michelle E. LewisMember
Molly Wilson ChungKajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLPMember
Monique MailletFraier & Maillet, PCFounding Member
Norman JacobsEsdaile, Barrett, Jacobs, & MoneFounding Member
Pamela A. PetersonDevine MillimetMember
Patricia Fernandez, CFLPatricia S. Fernandez & AssociatesFounding Member
Patricia O'ConnellKajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLPMember
Patricia Saint JamesTarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers, PCMember
Peter Barlow, CFLKates & Barlow, PCFounding Member
Peter KajkoKajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLPMember
Regina Snow Mandl, CFLSmith, Duggan, Buell, & Rufo, LLPFounding Member
Richard BardiRichard C. Bardi & Associates, LLPFounding Member
Robert A. Jutras, CFLSheehan, Schiavoni, Jutras And Magliocchetti, LLPMember
Robert J. Rivers, Jr.Lee & Rivers, LLPMember
Robin GibbsRobin A. Gibbs, Esq.Member
Robin Nardone, CFLBurns & Levinson, LLPFounding Member
Robyn Frye HonigHonig & Barnes, LLPMember
Ronald Barriere, CFLBurns & Levinson, LLPFounding Member
Rosanne KloveeBassil, Klovee, & Budreau, LLPFounding Member
Russell SmithFitch Law Partners, LLPMember
Sandra E. Lundy, CFLTarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers, PCMember
Seth Webber, CFA, ASA, CBA, CVA, CBECBerryDunnEducator Member
Shaun ForsythEsdaile, Barrett, Jacobs, & MoneFounding Member
Sheara F. FriendWilchins, Cosentino & Friend, LLPMember
Sheryl Dennis, CFLFields, Dennis & Cooper, LLPFounding Member
Sonja Starins, CFLSheehan, Schiavoni, Jutras And Magliocchetti, LLPMember
Stephanie CurtinKenowitz & Greenberg, PCMember
Stephen Lander, CFLLander & Lander, PCFounding Member
Stephen MacKenzieKajko, Weisman, Colasanti & Stein, LLPMember
Stephen PerryCasner & Edwards, LLPFounding Member
Steve RyanWitmer, Karp, Warner, & Ryan, LLPFounding Member
Steven BallardLaw Offices of Steven BallardMember
Steven D. Weil, CFLDoherty, Ciechanowski, Dugan & Cannon, PCMember
Steven Gurdin, CFLFitch Law Partners, LLPFounding Member
Susan B. DriscollBergen & Parkinson, LLCMember
Susan B. GrandisRubin and Rudman, LLPMember
Theresa RamosTracey & AssociatesFounding Member
Thomas K. MacMillanMacMillan Law OfficesMember
Thomas Taranto, CFLThomas J. Taranto PCMember
Tiffany Howard, CFLBurns & Levinson, LLPFounding Member
Toni Rafanelli, CFLRafanelli & Kittredge, PCFounding Member
Valerie QianSkylark Law and Mediation, PCMember
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