Gone are the days when about all an attorney could do to market his or her law firm was to buy a stack of very conservative business cards (engraved, of course) and take out a Yellow Pages listing – but not an ad. Today’s attorneys must be considerably more proactive than that. Fortunately, state bar associations have slowly come around to the realization that the practice of law is a business as well as a service. Consequently, they have removed many of the advertising restrictions they used to place on attorneys. After all, you cannot provide legal services to the clients you do not have.

If, as a family law attorney, your focus is on attracting more high-asset divorce clients – and whose isn’t? – your website needs to market to such people. You and it need to recognize that almost by definition, individuals and couples who have accumulated significant wealth are themselves financially sophisticated. So you and your website need to think like they do and answer their questions before they even ask them. Since your CFL Designation for Divorce Practitioners is one of your primary marketing tools for attracting high-asset clients, why not use it as one? Promoting your CFL credential online makes you stand out from the crowd in attracting these high-asset clients.

Use Your Credentials to Your Own Best Advantage

Up to 96 percent of today’s consumers begin their search for an attorney online. Not surprisingly, they do the majority of their searching on evenings and weekends when they are not at work. Your website, therefore, can and must be your 24/7 method of giving them the information they want at the times when they want it.

What is a high-asset potential divorce client looking for? In all likelihood, (s)he is looking for the following:

  • An attorney who knows even more than (s)he does about stocks, bonds, etc.
  • An attorney who knows even more than (s)he does about pension plans
  • An attorney who knows even more than (s)he does about complex financial documents
  • An attorney who knows even more than (s)he does about asset valuing methodologies
  • An attorney who knows how to use all this knowledge – and more – to aggressively represent him or her in the upcoming divorce
  • An attorney who, although a legal and financial expert, is also approachable and empathetic

While your CFL Designation for Divorce Practitioners cannot help you with the last bullet point, it most definitely gives you the advanced financial knowledge necessary to superbly qualify on the first five.

Use Your Credentials’ Logos

A well thought out and designed website gives you many opportunities to market your credentials. Their respective logos definitely should occupy a prominent place on your home page, with links to at least one page where you explain what these logo are and what each one’s credential stands for in terms of the expertise it gives you.

You may want to consider creating a special landing page for each credential. That way, when a potential high-asset divorce client does a Google or Bing search for “financially savvy divorce lawyer” or whatever search string (s)he uses, (s)he can be sent immediately to your CFL credential landing page without having to go through your home page to get there.

In upcoming weeks we will discuss additional ways in which you can use your credentials as an effective marketing tool. In the meantime, for more information on financial issues you need to be aware of, how gaining your CFL Designation for Divorce Practitioners will give you the financial knowledge and skills you need to attract additional high-asset clients, and the other benefits of AACFL membership, please visit this page of our website.