This is the fourth in our series on how you can more effectively use your CFL Designation for Divorce Practitioners to attract the high-asset clients you seek. The more thought, effort, and yes, money, you put into your firm’s website design, functionality and content, the higher your ROI in terms of the clients you attract and the legal fees they bring with them.

Retargeting Ads

If you spend any time at all online, you likely have noticed that some ads seem to follow you around no matter where you go after visiting a certain website. These are retargeting ads, also called remarketing ads. Remember that today’s savvy consumer seldom makes up his or her mind about which attorney to hire based on a first-time site visit. Rather, (s)he almost assuredly will visit other sites as well as yours and attempt to compare you with your competition.

Ask your digital marketing agency about inserting the appropriate code into your website so as to serve up remarketing ads to your site visitors as they themselves browse the web. Keeping your firm first and foremost in their minds as they do so can lead to much higher conversion rates and consequently more clients.


Unfortunately, the legal profession, in general, does not engender a great deal of trust or warmth in the general public. Attorneys are perceived as being stuffy or boring, or worse yet, as being interested only in receiving large legal fees. So how do you and your website combat such negative perceptions? Adding short videos to your site can be a very powerful method.

No one need tell you that divorce clients want not only a high level of knowledge and professionalism in their attorney, they also want approachability. In other words, they want to know that you will listen to them and empathize with them as well as aggressively protect their rights. So your videos need to project warmth as well as professionalism. You might want to consider producing at least one video where you forego your suit coat and sit in one of your office chairs or on a corner of your desk while speaking, instead of barricading yourself behind it.

If your practice includes mediation and/or collaborative divorce services, be sure to do at least one video on this topic. Today, more and more couples, including high net worth couples, seek a more amicable divorce approach. Letting prospective clients know that you are just as effective helping them negotiate with their spouses as you are in advocating for their objectives and goals in the courtroom shows you to be a flexible attorney willing to serve them in the way in which they want to be served.

Since you want your videos to look professional, this is no time to instruct your paralegal or other staff member to come into your office with cellphone in hand to “videotape” you talking to prospective clients. You likely will want to hire a professional well versed in the art of producing effective videos, including proper lighting, high-quality sound, etc. And don’t forget to adroitly showcase your CFL Designation for Divorce Practitioners in your videos by mentioning this additional education and training you possess that makes you uniquely qualified to handle the most complex divorce issues.

We will have one more installment of this series next week. In the meantime, remember that you can always access information on how gaining your CFL Designation for Divorce Practitioners gives you the financial knowledge and skills you need to attract additional high-asset clients plus other benefits of AACFL membership by visiting this page of our website.