We all know that divorces can cause spouses to act irrationally, but sometimes even the most extreme actions are understandable – at least to some degree. Since divorces often involve financial matters, many spouses “lash out” by doing the unexpected when it comes to property division. Such was the case when one woman refused to sell half of her home to her ex-husband. In the face of strong pressure from her ex, this woman stated that she would “rather sell the house to some random person on the street” than her former spouse. Once you learn more about this story, you will understand why she took such a strong stance.

Husband Wants Full Ownership of the Home

This woman’s decision becomes a lot more understandable when you consider the circumstances of the split. Apparently, the marriage started to fall apart when it became clear that she was infertile because the husband wanted children. The wife then suggested surrogacy and other options, but the husband decided to find someone else instead. He then began cheating on her with a younger woman. This ultimately led to a divorce. The husband then demanded that his former spouse sell him half of their family home so that he could start creating a family with his new partner. The former wife was not pleased. 

These kinds of situations are relatively common in the United States, and they can be difficult to resolve. Ultimately, this case will likely go before a judge, who will then make the final decision. It may be that the wife’s stubbornness will lead to the home being liquidated, with the proceeds being split evenly between the spouses. Alternatively, the spouses may continue to co-own the home, but this would likely lead to all kinds of additional issues and disputes, since these spouses are clearly not on good terms.  

The Real Estate Market is Causing All Kinds of Issues for Spouses Today

As a general note, all kinds of strange things can happen to divorcing spouses when the real estate market becomes unpredictable or unstable. In contrast to the above story, a very different outcome can occur. For example, many divorced spouses today have been forced to remain living under the same roof because of issues with their local real estate market. If these spouses have agreed to sell the home but buyers are hard to come by, they might be left stuck living in a home together despite their desire to sell and move on. This can also happen if buyers are unwilling to pay the listed price, and spouses are unwilling (or unable) to lower the price. 

This reminds us all that while dealing with the family home might seem relatively straightforward on paper, things can become much more complicated when you add in the “human” factor. From turbulent real estate markets to cheating spouses, the family home can be affected by many different factors.