Most celebrities today sign prenups prior to marriage, and this strategy offers clear advantages. That being said, various celebrity spouses still settle their divorces like us “normal folk” – and some even take their disputes all the way to the courtroom. Why do so many celebrities choose prenuptial agreements, and could normal settlements be advantageous in comparison?

Two Recent Divorces Settled with Prenups

On February 8, 2024, it was reported that a TV mogul named Chuck Lorre had settled his divorce for $5 million. He paid the sum directly to his ex-wife Arielle Lorre after a judge ordered the latter to vacate his properties within 30 days. Like many other celebrity spouses, they agreed to follow a previously determined arrangement under their prenuptial agreement. Interestingly, Chuck was awarded custody of the family dog – but Arielle has been given pet visitation rights. This illustrates recent developments in numerous jurisdictions that allow for a more humane, nuanced approach to pet division. Previously, animals were treated in exactly the same way as a washing machine, a set of golf clubs, or any other physical possession. Another notable detail is a “non-disparagement clause that forbids each party from publicly insulting each other. 

In other news, Sofia Vergara finally reached a divorce settlement with her estranged husband. On February 10, 2024, the pair announced that they had finalized their split while following a prenuptial agreement reportedly worth $100 million in total. While both spouses are wealthy, Vergara entered the marriage with a greater overall net worth than her ex, Joe Manganiello. Although the marriage lasted for seven years, they were estranged for some time prior to the divorce settlement announcement. Manganiello allegedly signed the prenuptial agreement without any complaint, and it means that both spouses will walk away with essentially the same level of wealth that they entered the marriage with. Joe also reportedly wanted children – something that eventually led to the divorce because Vergara felt that she was too old to give birth again. 

One of the Most Contentious Hollywood Divorces May Soon Be Over

One of the most contentious Hollywood divorces of recent memory involved the pair collectively known as “Brangelina.” Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie initially filed for divorce in 2016 after being married for just two years. Since then, the legal battle has been plagued with all kinds of allegations. It should be noted that even though they had an “iron-clad prenup,” these disputes have been continuing for years. Allegations vary wildly in nature, from child abuse to an unlawful winery sale. This shows that a prenup does not guarantee a swift, seamless process – especially when there are children involved. Despite all of these issues, however, it seems that this divorce is finally coming to an end – and the pair seem set to finalize proceedings once and for all. 

Prenups vs. Divorce Trials From a Celebrity Perspective

The benefits of a prenup for celebrities are quite clear. They tend to make divorce cheaper, faster, and more private. On the other hand, a prenup cannot accurately predict the future. New disputes may arise that neither spouse ever imagined when they created their prenups. Spouses may exhibit combativeness that neither of them truly expected. Because of this, a prenup can never completely prevent disputes during divorce – even when spouses spend millions on legal fees to create these documents.