Even celebrities have issues when it comes to finances and divorce. Recently, it was reported that the minor reality TV star Lisa Hochstein had been “cut off” from her finances as her estranged husband heads towards an almost certain divorce. But is he even allowed to do that? What happens when a husband cancels his wife’s credit cards even before the divorce is finalized? And is Lisa Hochstein really as poor as she claims without her husband’s financial assistance?

Lisa’s Complaints

Back in November of 2022, it was reported that Lisa Hochstein was left unable to pay for diapers and food for her children after her husband Lenny had cut off her access to his American Express card. Court documents show that she allegedly found out about his decision when she attempted to buy these items at the store, and her card was declined. Their youngest child is three, while their eldest is seven. She also claims that she has been denied access to any of the family’s vehicles, leaving her with no other option but to ferry her kids around in an Uber. 

Their divorce is pending, and court documents also show that Lenny has his own accusations to hurl. According to the husband, Lisa earns $30,000 per episod of the Real Housewives of Miami. If this is true, one would think that is more than enough to cover the expenses of groceries and diapers. Moreover, Lenny claims that she signed a prenuptial that stated that she would be required to move out of the family home if either party filed for divorce. Since she has failed to do this within 30 days, Lenny claims that he has had no choice but to continue paying household expenses for Lisa and their children despite him not living in the home himself. 

Outside of these controversies, Lenny is in the middle of a new relationship that is sparking even more turmoil within the pending divorce. The new girlfriend has filed a restraining order against Lisa, but this restraining order was denied by the courts. 

Can Spouses Cut Off Each Other’s Credit Cards During a Pending Divorce?

While it might seem harsh, most lawyers actually recommend that spouses close all joint accounts during an active divorce. This includes joint credit cards. The last thing anyone wants is for their ex to run up tens of thousands of dollars in debt during a divorce – possibly increasing their spending as an intentional attempt at vindictiveness. Sooner or later, spouses will need to separate themselves financially from one another. And in almost all situations, the sooner they do this, the better. 

That being said, a spouse cannot leave their ex with nothing during the divorce. If one spouse has more money than the other, they are legally required to pay their legal fees. In many cases, they are also required to start paying support obligations almost immediately.