“A designation of distinction designed exclusively for attorneys to better serve their clients and the community”


The AACFL supports its members and their careers by providing training in the financial aspects of litigation including accounting, taxation, income, valuation, compensation and investments. In addition, we provide practice aids to assist with your discovery, networking opportunities with leaders in a wide range of fields, and a designation of distinction.

CFLs represent a highly motivated collection of professionals dedicated to resolving conflict through a common training, leading to a more uniform understanding of financial issues.

Attorney Member Benefits:

  • Access to CFL newsletters and articles
  • Access to CFL practice aids and resources
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders

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Full CFL™ Member Benefits:

  • Access to all CFL materials
  • Access to all CFL practice resources
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders
  • Comprehensive training
  • Improved professional credibility
  • Ability to use CFL™ credential
  • Potential for increased earnings and marketability
  • Ability to distinguish yourself as a leader in your field

Student Member Benefits:

  • Reduced membership dues
  • Discounted pricing for the CFL exam
  • Ability to distinguish yourself to potential employers
  • Access to training designed to allow new lawyers to handle a wide range of matters
    and provide greater value to their new employers

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Educator Member Benefits:

  • Exclusive membership – All CFLs must pass an exam to test their knowledge and earn the credential.
  • The ability to earn the CFL credential
  • Practice resources
  • Networking opportunities within your legal community
  • Increased marketing credibility
  • Reduced membership dues
  • Invitation to attend the annual convention
  • The ability to train other attorneys and to create a common understanding for resolving the financial aspects of litigation.

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Position yourself with credibility in your profession by becoming a CFL™. The CFL™ designation represents the successful completion of the CFL™ training curriculum and the successful passing of the CFL™ exam.

This mark of accomplishment has a wide range of benefits including becoming a member of an elite group of practitioners, improved skills in financial matters, member resources, increased marketing abilities and increased credibility.

financial education

Path to Becoming a CFL™:

Becoming a CFL™ requires dedication to improving your knowledge of financial matters relating to litigation and adhering to high standards of ethical practice. You will be able to position yourself as a practitioner who has had extensive training, reduce the number of litigation conflicts due to inadvertent misunderstanding of financial matters, and become part of an exclusive club of practitioners dedicated to practicing at a higher level with regard to financial issues.

  1. Join the AACFL and become an associate member in good standing. Membership is required to take the CFL exam and to earn your credential. (NY state attorneys are exempt from the requirement of being members. Membership is not a requirement in NY for taking the CFL course and the CFL exam). The AACFL reserves the right to restrict membership to members who meet the established standards, educational and ethical requirements.
  2. Complete the CFL™ training curriculum. See the schedule of training dates and register for training at one of our many convenient times and locations. In addition, custom training is available at your firm if you need training for at least ten individuals.
  3. Take the online CFL™ examination and receive a passing grade.
  4. Obtain approval from the certification committee. The CFL™ committee will review applications and make all final decisions regarding approval for membership.


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