In the modern era, observers are often all too quick to claim that women receive preferential treatment from US courts. Fathers often complain that mothers seem to receive primary custody as a matter of course, and others argue that the entire concept of alimony is an antiquated process that serves women while placing unnecessary financial burdens on men. But it is important to remember that modern women can suffer tremendous financial consequences due to divorce, especially if they are high-net-worth individuals. Men who marry rich and famous women can often receive staggering amounts of money in divorce settlements, and this essentially proves that the US legal system is not so one-sided after all. 

A prime example is the recent divorce settlement of Kelly Clarkson, a well-known musician and American Idol alumna who was just ordered to pay her ex a considerable amount of money in her divorce settlement. This story is not unique, either, and many other high-profile female celebs have been ordered to make similar payments to their male exes over the years. 

Kelly Clarkson Pays $1.3 Million to Brandon Blackstock – And That is Not All

On March 8th, it was reported that Kelly Clarkson had been ordered to pay her former spouse Brandon Blackstock a total of $1.3 million to settle her divorce. This one-time payment will not be the only money Brandon receives, either. He will also receive a whopping $45,601 each month in child support, as he is the primary custodian of their two children. 

Although Clarkson and Blackstock agreed on joint legal custody, the children will live primarily with Brandon at a Los Angeles residence. Interestingly, the divorce settlement also stipulated that both children be vaccinated against COVID-19. Clarkson will maintain ownership of both of their properties, and it is unclear whether Brandon will use his seven-figure settlement to purchase a new home. When the divorce settlement was finalized, Blackstock was actually living in one of Clarkson’s homes and paying her $2,000 per month in rental fees. 

It was also reported that Clarkson will be paying Brandon $115,000 per month in spousal support until January 2024. This means that he will walk away from the marriage with at least four million – not including child support. Along with the couple’s real estate properties, Kelly is keeping all of the family pets and multiple vehicles, including a Porsche. On the other hand, Brandon gets to keep various forms of livestock belonging to the couple and a fleet of snowmobiles. 

Is it Enough?

While $4 million might sound like a lot of money, it is unlikely that this sum will allow Blackstock to maintain his current standard of living indefinitely – especially when you consider the rising pace of inflation. He will likely need to dedicate a considerable portion towards buying a new home. However, he could potentially retire if he invests his money in an intelligent manner – although that also comes with its own fair share of risks. 

As for the reason behind the split, Clarkson stated that “it just kind of happened.” They filed for divorce under irreconcilable differences.