For decades, London and the United Kingdom have been viewed as one of the most attractive places to get divorced on the entire planet. Why is that? Why do so many celebrities seem so eager to file their divorce papers in London courts, rather than simply taking legal action within their own respective countries and states? Regardless of any potential explanation, it is clear that London courts can be incredibly generous towards exes. Don’t believe us? Just consider the fact that Jerry Hall – Rupert Murdoch’s ex – stands to receive over $12 million per year as a result of her divorce in the United Kingdom. 

Hall’s marriage with Murdoch lasted just six years – but those years could very well prove to be the most profitable years the actress has ever spent. Not only will she receive the aforementioned seven-figure payment on an annual basis, but she will also apparently receive a property worth over $280 million. Throw in a few private jets for good measure, and you have one of the most lucrative divorce settlements of recent memory. 

Rumors began to swirl when Hall failed to accompany Murdoch at a recent event, and insiders have confirmed that the divorce is moving ahead. That being said, both parties have neglected to issue an official statement on the matter. While the settlement could theoretically be tremendous, it is worth pointing out that it would be a minor drop in the ocean of Murdoch’s overall wealth. The man is said to be worth well over $14 billion, and the family trust holds $12 billion in Disney shares alone. 

The lion’s share of this family fortune will be untouched by the divorce, as Hall and Murdoch reportedly signed a prenuptial agreement. This agreement was designed to insulate the Murdoch empire from the divorce while simultaneously guaranteeing Hall a life of tremendous luxury after the marriage came to an end. 

Hall is no stranger to divorce controversy, however. She encountered a major roadblock after her divorce with Mick Jagger, who slyly claimed that her beach wedding in Bali did not actually constitute a legal marriage. Fortunately for her, she was able to walk away with over $20 million and a property in Richmond worth over $15 million. 

Speaking of properties, there is some confusion over how Rupert’s many homes will be affected by this divorce. Recent reports have suggested a property in the Cotswolds may be up for grabs, and this residence is allegedly worth over 15 million pounds. The key factor to remember here is that Murdoch purchased this residence after the marriage, which technically means that it could be divided during a divorce. 

But that was not the only residence that he purchased during the marriage. He also dropped 11.5 million pounds on a mansion in Henley. But the star of the show is definitely a 340,000-acre cattle ranch near Yellowstone, which Rupert picked up for over $240 million. It seems unlikely that Jerry will walk away with this jewel of Murdoch’s real estate portfolio – but anything is possible. This is especially true when you consider that the prenup allegedly had a “shared use” clause for the family’s many residences.