Some people have forgotten all about Ghislaine Maxwell – but she is still fighting her human trafficking charges from behind bars. According to a new report, she has received some extra funding to continue her legal defense. Where is this money coming from? Her divorce settlement. It seems as though Maxwell has received a surprisingly pretty penny from her recent split, and this money will go directly towards appealing her sentence for her activities alongside Epstein. 

Scott Borgerson Unintentionally Funds Maxwell’s Defense

You have to take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of Scott Borgerson – the tech entrepreneur who was once married to Ghislaine. Not only is he losing $1 million in the divorce settlement, but he is also seeing those funds being funded directly into the hands of someone who has been convicted of child sex trafficking. Seeing your hard-earned cash being used for such an endeavor must be quite the experience. 

In any case, she seems to have won enough cash to launch a $10-million appeal of her sentencing. According to the latest reports, Maxwell’s attorneys plan to argue that her constitutional rights were violated during her trial. Her chances are obviously slim – but she is probably willing to gamble it all just for a chance at freedom. The specific argument is quite simple: She was allegedly subjected to such terrible conditions during her trial that she was too sleep deprived and malnourished to contribute to her own defense. 

Who is Scott Borgerson?

Scott Borgerson is the CEO of CargoMetrics, a data analytics company that operates in the field of maritime shipping and trading. The company is valued at $100 million. Apparently, Ghislaine was hiding out in one of his homes when she was finally captured by police. Ghislaine was also accused of “stealing” Scott from his wife. Apparently, Ghislaine and Scott came to the mutual conclusion that divorce was the best option after she was charged with working alongside Epstein in his sex trafficking operation. Ghislaine, it is reported, was concerned that their connection would prove detrimental to Scott’s reputation. 

Best Ways to Spend Your Divorce Settlement

While it might seem like a waste of cash to use this divorce settlement on a defense that is almost entirely hopeless, this is probably a much better investment than many spouses make after receiving such a windfall. After all, there are few better ways to invest than to ensure one’s freedom. 

However, there are many other ways to invest and save a divorce settlement in an intelligent fashion after a divorce. One of the best options is to invest in real estate – especially since many spouses are forced to move out of the family home. Real estate might not be the best-performing asset in the world, but it provides a roof over your head. And if you would rather invest in the future, you could set up a savings account for your kids’ college tuition – ensuring they never engage in egregious criminal acts like sex trafficking.