The property division process is heating up as Kim Kardashian’s divorce continues. The reality TV star has agreed to pay $23 million for her own family home while Kanye West sells off properties of his own. Although this process is certainly not easy for either of these stars, it does provide an interesting look into how divorces are handled in California when there are tremendous assets at stake. Divorces of high-net-worth spouses like Kim K and Kanye are not often publicized to this extent, but could we really expect anything else from these highly influential figures?

Kim Kardashian Buys Out Kanye’s Share in the Family Home

The reason Kim Kardashian paid $23 million for her own home is that she was “buying out” her former husband’s share in the property. This is a common tactic when a spouse wishes to keep a family home. The alternative is to sell the property and divide the proceeds, but this obviously robs the family of a valuable asset and leaves both spouses homeless. While we are sure that both Kim K and Kanye would have had many other places in which to live if this property had been sold, this particular home obviously had sentimental value. 

It likely had something to do with the children and their own connection to the residence. Kim K and Kanye purchased the home shortly after their marriage in 2014 for $20 million. Because they purchased it together after the marriage contract was signed, the residence is divided between them. If either spouse had purchased it prior to the marriage, this would not be an issue. Kim Kardashian paid a total of $23 million to her former husband. $3 million was for the contents of the home, while $20 million was for the property itself. 

Why is Everything Public?

First of all, these details are becoming public because both of these individuals are extremely famous. Journalists have a vested interest in finding out the details of their separation, while the same would not apply for an average member of society or even a low-level politician. In addition, divorce papers in California are considered public record, which means anyone can access them. It did not take very long for these divorce papers to become public, which is why we are hearing about these details as they emerge. 

Other Details of the Property Division

We also know that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a combined net worth of $2.1 billion. Most of this has to do with their two businesses — Yeezy and KKW Beauty. It has been revealed that both celebrities will keep control over their respective businesses. In addition, neither party will receive spousal support. This makes sense, as both spouses have relatively equal amounts of wealth. 

Kanye West surprised many people when he decided to sell his property in Wyoming, which he originally purchased for $3 million. Normally, spouses only start listing their properties when they stand to lose significant amounts of money due to a divorce, but this does not seem to be an issue for Kanye – especially after he has just received $23 million for the family home.