The CFLTM training program is unlike any training program you will find for family law attorneys. AACFL member Daryl G. Weinman of Weinman & Associates, PC recently discussed how she and her firm benefitted from the unique CFLTM training.

“I am not aware of any other training like this.  This was very specifically directed at divorce litigation, with a variety of professional experts teaching from their industry’s perspective.  For example, we trained with CPAs, financial planners, attorneys, and bankers.  I have attended several joint conferences…and never received this type of hands-on, practical training.” – Daryl G. Weinman

Like many attorneys who come to the AACFL, Weinman wanted to deepen her knowledge of the financial aspects of divorce. Since her firm has completed the training, Weinman has noticed the areas of family law she has been better prepared in such as: going through tax returns, finding hidden assets, a deeper knowledge of new financial products and how to divide them, and more.

The AACFL was uniquely positioned to provide this kind of training for her and her firm. Beyond the formal training that’s included in the CFLTM credential, Weinman also found much value in the networking and original content that the AACFL produces.

“With all of the articles and webinars that have come along with the membership, we are kept up to date on changes in the law (especially the new tax laws), new products, and new perspectives on how to address complicated estates.” – Daryl G. Weinman

As Weinman stated, AACFL members are the first to know about webinars, blog posts, and articles that we produce. Using the wealth of resources the AACFL provides to its members is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing arena of family law. 

Are you ready to take the next step in elevating your practice? You and your firm can benefit from the CFLTM credential just as the attorneys at Weinman & Associates have. Never struggle with the financial matters of divorce again. Click here to learn more about the CFLTM training program and how you and your firm can benefit.