Some celebrities seem to settle their divorces with much greater ease than others. Are these celebs simply more willing to collaborate, compromise, and negotiate with their exes? Or is this higher success rate caused by high-profile (and high-cost) divorce lawyers working tirelessly behind the scenes? Every divorce is slightly different, and perhaps it is not fair to make such sweeping generalizations. That being said, there is a notable contrast between Ariana Grande’s recent settlement and Sophie Turner’s ongoing litigation. Let’s examine these differences in greater detail. 

Ariana Grande Agrees to Pay Ex-Husband $1.5 Million 

In March of 2024, it was reported that Ariana Grande had moved on with a new boyfriend after ending her marriage with Dalton Gomez. As she moved on, she agreed to pay Gomez spousal support in the amount of $1.5 million. It “only” took the pop singer six months to finalize this deal. In fact, Gomez and Grande had previously finalized their settlement way back in October – but California’s mandatory waiting period forced them to wait until March to move forward. 

The alimony sum is a one-time, lump-sum payment. In addition, the pair have agreed to sell their LA home and divide the proceeds. Finally, Grande contributed about $25,000 to cover her ex’s legal fees. All in all, this was a quick and tidy legal arrangement that clearly benefits both spouses. It highlights their willingness and ability to compromise and negotiate fairly – and there were no legal disputes to speak of. It also highlights Ariana’s immense wealth and overall professionalism. The singer has a net worth of well over $70 million – and she was clearly the “breadwinner” in this particular relationship. Dalton Gomez is no pauper, however – and the real estate broker has a reported net worth of about $20 million. 

Speculation Over Negotiations Between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

While Grande and Gomez enjoyed an amicable, professional split, the same cannot be said for Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas – at least at first glance. It was Turner who apparently “reactivated” their divorce lawsuit – and this immediately sparked rumors of negotiations breaking down. Joe Jonas’ legal team immediately released a statement dismissing this development as a “legal formality,” stressing that the pair were still actively engaged in negotiations. 

This is not the first time Sophie has sued her estranged husband during their ongoing split. A few months ago, the Game of Thrones star took legal action against her ex for “unlawful retention” of their children. Once again, this was dismissed as a “legal formality” at the time. One has to speculate about whether these continued lawsuits are truly “formalities” or whether they are evidence of a highly aggressive legal strategy executed by Turner’s legal team. 

Why are Divorces Easier for Some Celebrities?

Why do some celebs seem to finalize their divorces with such ease while others spend years battling it out in court? First, we should give credit to the legal teams behind these celebrities. Ultimately, these lawyers are the ones “calling the shots” – and many celebs undoubtedly follow their advice. On the other hand, some celebrities have very strong personalities – and many of them have built fortunes on the charisma, drive, and overall complexity of their personas. Some of these “strong personalities” may be more willing to fight in court than others – and some may ignore the advice of their lawyers in the process.