“Dedicated to enhancing the ​legal profession through advanced financial education”



The AACFL is an educational institution dedicated to enhancing the legal profession through advanced financial education. Our mission is to provide innovative financial training programs designed to increase the financial knowledge of attorneys dealing with financial issues in their practice.

Our training programs have been designed through collaboration with leaders in a wide variety of fields, bringing our members a wealth of practical experience. Our collaboration includes attorneys, experts qualified by the Courts, CPAs, CFAs, MBAs, investment experts, compensation experts,valuation experts, forensic accounting experts and university educators.

The AACFL believes strongly in supporting the legal community and in serving the public good. Accordingly, the advisory board will select a charitable organization each year to sponsor and will donate a portion of the training proceeds for the year. The organization selected will be connected to the legal community and may include scholarship programs, State organizations, legal aid programs or other organizations that benefit and strengthen the community.

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  • Advanced Financial Education Designed Exclusively for Attorneys

    Our curriculum is designed to provide legal practitioners with the information they need to increase their level of practice. Designed and taught by experts in various fields, the AACFL is uniquely qualified to provide its members with customized and relevant training.

  • To Promote Efficiency in Litigation

    One of our primary missions is to reduce unnecessary litigation about financial matters. Through education, our goal is to reduce the need for court intervention in financial matters resulting in a more efficient litigation process

  • To Strengthen the Legal Community

    In addition to our exclusive training, another mission of the AACFL is to create a collaborative network of practitioners willing to mentor other attorneys. This goal, combined with our pledge to sponsor charitable causes in the legal community, results in an organization dedicated to supporting its membership nationwide.

  • A Membership Organization for Lawyers that is Current with the Times

    Promoting a membership that is current with todays legal environment and its trends is a central theme of the AACFL. We provide education regarding current trends, the newest case law analysis, advancements in technology that enhance litigation, computer forensics and alternative dispute resolution.



  • Accounting for Attorneys
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • The Anatomy of Tax Returns and Tax Documents
  • Taxation
  • Tax Return Analysis
  • Understanding Investments
  • Compensation Issues
  • Business Valuation
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Economic Analysis for Attorneys
  • Income Available for Support Purposes
  • Lost Profits and Lost Wages
  • How to Cross Examine a Financial Expert
  • Preparing Targeted Document Requests for Financial Data