Attorney Protective

The American Academy for Certified Financial Litigators (AACFL) has named AttPro as their exclusive insurance program. Through this relationship, qualifying AACFL members and members awarded the CFL™ designation can receive a discount of up to 10% on their legal professional liability insurance.

The AttPro program offers a superior product for lawyers, which includes risk management solutions and a broad policy with unique provisions. For example, the Collaborative Defense provision provides policyholders four ways to qualify for a 50% reduction of their deductible on a claim. Policies are underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway companies with A++ financial strength ratings — the highest rating given by the independent rating company, A.M. Best. 

The AACFL is a national educational membership institution dedicated to enhancing the legal profession through advanced financial education. The added member benefits brought by this exclusive relationship is just one more way that the AACFL is supporting the careers of its members and looking out for the best interests of the legal community. 

Additional AACFL benefits include: increased financial litigation skills, increased credibility with the Courts, the potential reduction in the number of cases creating backlogs in the court system, marketing opportunities to high net worth clients, and the ability for the general public to be able to better distinguish the lawyers who possess the skills needed to handle their financial cases. 

“This will provide significant savings for my firm, which will even cover our annual membership dues. I look forward to taking advantage of this member benefit,” said Stephen N, Lander, Esq., CFL™ – Partner at Lander & Lander, PC and AACFL member.

For more information on the AACFL AttPro program, please contact the AACFL at 800.809.1999 or email us

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