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Certain family law attorneys and firms truly stand out for their dedication to excellence in handling high-net-worth cases effectively. This month, we recognize Lisa Zeiderman and her firm, Miller, Zeiderman & Wiederkehr, LLP, for distinguishing themselves by obtaining advanced financial training to complement their already impressive legal skills. 

In the interview below, Lisa comments on how she uses the AACFL’s financial training to benefit her clients. 

How many attorneys are at your firm? 


Where is your firm located? 

“Manhattan and Westchester [New York].”

Why did you decide to join AACFL or take the CFL credential?

“As I am already an attorney, certified divorce financial analyst, and represent many individuals with complex financial issues, I wanted to enhance my knowledge base so I could best serve my clients. Knowledge is power, and I believe having the CFL credential provides me with a unique ability to expertly and efficiently handle sophisticated financial issues that arise in divorce.”

Why was AACFL uniquely positioned or qualified to help you?

“AACFL is a unique organization in that it focuses on educating professionals about the intricacies of financial issues and divorce. The materials were extremely helpful and covered the full range of financial issues that arise during divorce litigation.”

In one or two full sentences, what were your expected outcomes from working with AACFL? 

“As I noted previously, my expected outcome was to be gain additional knowledge about a highly specialized area — complex financial issues that I often confront during the course of divorce litigation. I received that education through the materials provided by AACFL.” 

How has the course benefited you and your firm? 

“It has enabled my firm and me to better represent our clients as we have the education and knowledge to negotiate and litigate a case, including the ability to spot tax issues, digest and dissect the information presented in tax returns and financial documents, understand business valuations and use this information at the negotiation table and the courtroom.”

How have you used your AACFL credential?

“I use it all the time, including in my email signature.”

What benefits have you seen as a result of joining AACFL? More clients? Higher quality clients?

“Joining AACFL has brought me clients who have more complex financial issues.”

Do you have a testimonial or quote you can share about this project?

“I believe that the education AACFL provides makes my firm best equipped to deal with sophisticated financial issues both at the negotiation table and the courtroom. It is this knowledge base that supports carefully drafted settlement agreements and strong litigation strategy.”

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Success in matrimonial law is just as much about what you know as it is who you know. To learn how the CFL designation can enhance your financial knowledge in divorce cases and advance your career, contact us today.